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9 boring but really important things to do in Freshers week

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Freshers Week is nearly here and the excitement of starting university is at fever pitch. After you’ve unpacked and met your new house housemates the last thing you’ll want to do is create a list of things you need to do. Why? Because it’s boring and writing lists is for term time.

Sigh with relief because we’ve done it for you. Here are nine boring things that you really need to do before the work starts.


1. Register with a GP

A quick Google search will reveal where your nearest NHS doctor’s surgery is. The temptation is to leave registering with the doctors until you’re too ill to attend lectures. Everyone will do this. Get ahead of the curve and sign up at the doctors before everyone else. When you register at the doctors they will require for you to do a health check appointment. Get this done so that when you come down with tonsillitis you’ll be able to get those much-needed antibiotics quickly and without hassle.

Register with a GP at university


2. Explore your surroundings

This seems pretty obvious right? Taking a walk around campus before term time starts means you won’t get lost in the labyrinth of classrooms, shops, accommodation, offices and libraries onsite. Although, asking for directions is perfectly acceptable, no one wants to be late on their first day of classes. Possibly one of the geekiest but helpful ways to make sure you don’t get lost is to make a little map that indicates where your classes are. This will ensure that you’ll never stumble in late to class.

Explore your university campus


3. Set a budget

When the student loan money drops into your bank account it will feel exciting, a little bit like winning on lottery scratch card. Suddenly your balance will be looking a lot healthier. However, remember that this isn’t free money deposited into your account solely for the purpose of having as much fun as possible. This money is there so that you can eat and live for the next term. A great way to approach spending this money is to create a budget.

Work out how many weeks this money has to last, then figure out what you will need during this time. Typical expenditures are food, bills, supplies for your university course and any maintenance costs that you have to contribute to your flat. Split out one off payments and regular payments. This way you’ll be able to set up a weekly/monthly budget.

Set a budget


4. Enrol and get your student card

This is very important. In order to make sure you are registered at your university you must enrol for your course at the start of the year. The university will check your identity and give you your university identity card. A student card is used for many different things. It might grant you access to the library or even the campus you are living and studying on. Probably the best thing about a student card is that it will allow you to get discount in many high street shops. For more information on the perks of your NUS card, click here

Don’t forget that if you’re heading to one of the University of London colleges, you’ll also be able to register for free Student Central membership. This card gives you great discounts on food and drinks in the bars and café as well as student gym membership at Energybase! Register for free Student Central membership.  

Ge great discounts with your student card


5. Make time for the Fresher's Fair

It may seem like a massive cliché but the Freshers Fair is a great opportunity to meet new friends and get involved with what is happening at university. Knowing what extra-curricular fun is on offer will allow you to branch out, try new things, meet new people and have a great university experience.

You’ll only ever experience Freshers Fair as a proper Fresher once so make the most it. Collect all the free vouchers and money off offers you can. They might come in useful later.  

Discover all that Student Central has to offer including three bars, gym, swimming pool and over 40 clubs and societies at the Student Central Fresher’s Fair.

Meet people at your university Fresher's Fair


6. Find your local food shop

Buying your food from expensive metro stores every day will help you spend a lot of money very quickly. Buying food weekly at a big super market makes so much more sense and you’ll be able to get way more for your money. Make a list of meals and the ingredients you’ll need to make them. You now have two options; organise a group trip to the nearest big supermarket buy everything on your list and then bribe your friends into helping you carry it home or the easier option, shop online and get in delivered.

Shop for food at a large supermarket


7. Set up a student bank account

Student bank accounts are great. Essentially, banks incentivise opening bank accounts by offering free gifts like tablet computers, TV package deals or gift cards for high street shops. On top of that, they offer cheaper overdrafts with low repayment rate arrangements. Do your research and find the best account that suits your needs. You can always ask for advice in your nearest branch but your parents will probably have some words of wisdom for you too.

Set up a student bank account


8. Get the equipment you need for your course

Someone once said, “if you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.” Be smart and get everything you need for your course before you start. If you need books or subscriptions to certain study sites buy them straight away. This way you’ll have access to everything you will need in order to create the best work you can. Even though this might feel like a boring use of your money it’s actually one of the most essential ways you can ensure your success at university. 

Get the equipment you need for your course


9. Follow your Uni's social media accounts

Your university will normally have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s a great idea to follow these. Following your uni on social media is a great way to stay up-to-date with news, events and updates from your university’s clubs and societies.

Follow your university social media accounts


There you have it, nine of the most boring things that you’d be a fool not to do. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out tweet us at @UoLondonSC . Welcome to university!!