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Welcome to Student Central!

What is Student Central?

Welcome to Student Central! If you're studying for a University of London degree you're automatically entitled to be a member of Student Central (formerly University of London Union).

Full Student Central (students only) membership is free and enables you to get involved with everything the organisation has to offer including sports, societies, online tickets and access into our bars.

The University of London probably isn't what you applied to on your UCAS form. That’s because the University is a collection of 18 self-governing Colleges and 9 other smaller specialist research Institutes. For example, if you study at UCL, you’re also part of the University of London.

London Student Community

The University of London has more than 120,000 students and Student Central is here for them all. One of the main things that makes Student Central different from your own students' union is that we organise sport across the entire University of London and that we offer some niche activities and societies that are different from what you might find elsewhere.

If you haven't already visited your college's Students' Union, we hope the following links will help: