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ULU is a federal students' union which serves over 120,000 students across University of London. Find out what we have to offer.

Student Central Membership

Student Central is the federal student services centre for the University of London (UoL). Or in other words, we’re a second service, first being your own students’ union, for you to enjoy and utilise whilst you’re studying at the University of London.

However, there are different categories and levels of membership to Student Central that cover not only University of London students (including International Programmes students), but also University of London staff, graduates of the University and more. Here we will go over what those categories are and how you could fit in to one of them so that you can take advantage of all of the benefits on offer here at Student Central.

NEW FOR 2015/16! City University London (who will be joining UoL in Autumn 2016) can now take advantage of a free Full Student Central Membership! 

* Please take note that membership is strictly non-transferable.

Full Membership

Where can I get my Full Membership Card?

Associate Membership

Where do I get my Associate Membership Card?

Why should I become an Associate Member?

Can I buy my card online?

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* The Associate Membership card is valid for a year from the date of issue.

** When joining a club or society, you will not be eligible to compete in any national university leagues involved with BUCS (Briitish Universities and Colleges Sport) or compete for representative sides, however you will be able to get involved with all of their training and other activities. Not all clubs compete in national competitions, so please check with each club individually regarding these restrictions.
Associate members are not eligible to hold officer positions in clubs or societies or to vote.

Replacement membership cards are available at reception at a cost of £3.


If you do not fall under any of the above criteria then you are not eligible for Student Central membership.

Don't worry, members of the public can still join the Energybase Fitness Centre under a private membership.

If you would like to have more clarification on any of these criteria, please email studentcentral@london.ac.uk or call 020 7664 2000.