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7 Things That Will Happen During Freshers Week

Great things that will happen at Freshers

The long wait has finally ended. The summer holidays seem a distant memory. You’ve said goodbye to the family pet, packed your bags and left your home behind for at least three years. That’s right, you have smashed those A-Levels and got a place on your first choice of degree at University. Freshers’ Week looms but what can you expect? Here are seven things that will almost certainly happen to you during Freshers.


1. You’ll be given all the vouchers

A Freshers Fair is really a sight to behold. It’s normally a pretty intense but fun experience. This is where all the clubs and societies will try and sign you up. They will try to bribe you (in a nice way) to get your signature. These ‘bribes’ come in the form of free stuff; pens, notepads, fridge magnets... it’s a hoarder’s dream. There will also be lots of food outlets giving out discounts and vouchers. Our advice is, make the most of it! You’ll be drowning in Nandos promo vouchers and branded wall calendars before the week is done.

Youll get loads of free stuff at your freshers fair


2. You’ll get hopelessly lost on campus

It’s actually pretty easy to get lost in the labyrinth like corridors of a modern university. It’s basically a maze with lots of classrooms, a few shops and a library. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to do a Hansel or Gretel and breadcrumb your way back to halls. Most universities know it’s your first time away from home so they provide maps and good signs too. You can always make some new friends by asking for directions.

Getting hopelessly lost on campus


3. You’ll witness a kitchen disaster

Your new housemates probably have as much kitchen experience as you do. Unless you luck out and your sharing with a junior Master Chef champion, your early attempts at cooking meals might end in disaster. The smoke detector will be constantly going off because someone has burned something on to something else and the sink will look like a bomb has gone off in it.

If your cooking skills are limited to say the least, stick to the basics and make sure everything stays clean. No-one wants food poisoning… ever.

Kitchen disasters at university


4. You’ll get Freshers Flu

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll get ill in your first week at university. Lots of people in one place provides perfect conditions for colds and viruses to thrive. Plus, your immune system will have taken a battering after all those free jelly shots and late nights on the town with your new mates. Our advice? Get some sleep and learn how to wipe down surfaces.

Freshers Flu as told by The Big Bang Theory


5. You’ll drink too much

Freshers Week, wherever you are in the country, is pretty notorious for messy nights in clubs and pubs. These places will try and tempt you with 2 for 1 deals, free shots or cheap drinks before 9pm. Going out is a great way to meet people and cement those new friendships over a pint (or five). Even though you have a bank account full of fresh student loan, resist the urge to spend it all at once at the bar. Take it easy and keep it civilised.

Pace yourself during freshers week


6. You’ll feel homesick

There’s nothing like a hangover to bring reality into focus. The morning after is when most of us feel super fragile. When you’re lying in bed with a cracking headache on Sunday morning, you might think about how nice your bed is at home. The thought that your parents aren’t that annoying after all will happen and suddenly you’ll be all teary eyed because you’re homesick.

Don’t worry though, Christmas is only 12 weeks away and you’ve got loads of new friends and experiences to have in that time.

Feeling homesick


7. You’ll meet some great people

Going to university is an incredible experience for so many reasons. Spreading your wings for the first time is a great feeling. It’s a totally unique experience. Learning new things and standing on your own two feet is very exciting.

Even though you might come up against some obstacles, you’re not on your own. Everyone around you is also experiencing these things for the first time too. Best friends for life are often made at university. It won’t take long for you to find your little clique. Remember, if you want to make friends don’t be a stranger. Join a club, natter to your housemates, go to some parties or befriend the bar staff. You’ll be absolutely fine.

Making friends at university


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