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10 Reasons to Join a University of London Club or Society

Moving to university offers many new and exciting opportunities. For most, it’s the first time you will live away from home. Experiences await that will  help you develop as a person, learn who you are and ultimately gain some life experience outside lecture theatres and halls of residence!

Many students at UoL (and every other uni for that matter) decide to join a university club or society. You might choose to do it for a bit of fun, or want to continue a hobby you’ve always had. Below we’ve listed 10 reasons why you should think about joining one.

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1. Try something new

Perhaps you come from a remote village where the only societies are the local scout and girl guide groups. Maybe you come from a city school where the thrills of skydiving were a remote dream? What if you always fancied but never got to try your hand at breakdancing? Well now you can! Trying something new is a fantastic way to take yourself out of your comfort zone and potentially find your true passion!



2. Learn valuable skills

By joining a University of London society, you will be exposed to a bunch of life skills you won’t learn in lectures. Of course, depending on your field of study, you might want to consider doing a specific activity that you can apply to your studies but never be afraid to try something completely different!



3. Leadership experience

If you see yourself as a leader or manager, why not volunteer to do so within your society? It’ll give you a taste of what it’s like and look pretty good on your CV. If you find out you’ve got the skills for organising people and the emotional intelligence to bring people together to achieve a goal, great! On the other-hand, it might make you realise it’s not for you, so you can instead concentrate on becoming the best you can be in your discipline!


4. Meet like-minded people

Moving to uni is an obvious chance to meet people. When joining a new society or club at UoL, you’ll instantly come across people who already have something in common with you, but the chances are, they could be from a totally different walk of life (or even country)! If you haven’t quite ‘clicked’ with your course-mates or flatmates as much as you’d hoped – try a society! As the saying goes, you can’t choose your course mates, but you can choose your society friends. Or maybe that’s just what we say.



5. Opportunity to travel

If the extent of your travelling has been the family caravan park in St. Ives, you’re probably ready to see a bit more of the world! The University of London clubs will give you the chance to do exactly that! Whether through sporting competitions or society trips, get your bags packed and be ready to explore!



6. Stay active

If you’re used to someone else doing your cooking and don’t know your way around the kitchen, chances are you may be indulging in one too many pizzas. Combine this with regular hangovers and its going to take their toll on your body. With this in mind, joining a sports society is a fun way to get regular exercise as well as enjoying the social side of things. 



7. Helps maintain a work / life balance

Hopefully you’re now settled into the books and wrapping your head around your course. This is fantastic - well done you! However, if you are the type to constantly have your nose in a book with little chance to see daylight, remember to give yourself a break and mix with other people. Joining a society is a great way to take your mind off your subjects. So, get out there and find something fun to do too!



8. Legendary socials

University societies are well known for their legendary socials. Getting involved in a UoL club will likely mean regular nights out, where you get the chance to let your hair down and become more familiar with your society buddies! Chances are you’ll make some lifelong friends!



9. Networking opportunities

Whatever field of study or career you go into, widening your network is always a good idea. Students from any of the University of London colleges can join Student Central societies, so being part of one really broadens your networking horizons. It might be that someone on another course or at another University might be able to do you a favour. From taking part in some research for your latest project to making the right intro for you to land your dream job in the future! Networking in itself is a skill that can be honed in a UoL club or society.



10. Good for your CV

Being part of a society shows prospective employers that you are a well-rounded individual. Many of the above benefits are evidence that you aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your life experience. Future employers want someone with a good mix of skills and attributes to work for them and having been in a university club or society will definitely demonstrate this!

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So there you have it! If that’s peaked your interest, click here to see the full list of UoL clubs. With over 30 clubs and societies available, Student Central is home to some fantastic, and sometimes quite niche, societies. There truly is something for everyone!