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Master Lai training course 2014

Shaolin Kung Fu

   Student Central Kung Fu is a long established club located at Student Central dedicated to teaching Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan under the guidance of Sifu Edinborough, a highly experienced third degree blackbelt who has been training in this System for over twenty years.

   Nam Pai Chuan is one of the largest and best-respected Chinese martial art styles practiced in the UK, combining what are typically thought of as northern and southern Shaolin kung fu styles in a single unified system. This art was first brought to the UK by Sigung (Grandmaster) Lai in 1979. Prior to this, Sigung Lai trained intensively -- twice each day, seven days a week -- for 13 years under the teachings of Daisigung (Great Grandmaster) Quek in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Daisigung Quek's teacher, in turn, was Chosi (Ancestor Master) Gao Can.

   Since its introduction into the western world in the late 1970s, Gaocan Mun Nam Pai Chuan has grown rapidly with many clubs across the UK and internationally.

Penang trip 2016
Penang trip 2016

Beginning Training

   We understand that for beginners, attending your first training session can be an intimidating experience, as one does not know quite what to expect. It is worth remembering that everybody has shared this same initial experience, and it is therefore our aim to make newcomers feel as welcome as possible. Our classes are mixed groups, with students of all ages and abilities. Because Nam Pai Chuan is such a broad style, no two classes are ever exactly the same. However, there is consistency in that the underlying principles on which the style is based are always being developed through the various methods taught.

   Training often begins with warm-up exercises aimed at improving strength, aerobic fitness and increasing flexibility. The best part of training time will then be spent focused on individual skill sets either as a whole class, split up into smaller groups, or paired with a training partner. Practice commonly includes traditional forms and sequences, hard and soft breathing exercises, padwork, practical self-defence and sparring, classical weapons, and much more. Our syllabus is challenging but extremely effective and rewarding.

   Kung fu is not about fighting; it's about respect for yourself and for those around you, self-confidence and discipline; all of which will be emphasised in our lessons. Fitness, awareness and self-defence are a just a few more reasons why we think you should join. We are a very friendly and sociable group coming from all walks of life; we do not discriminate against age, gender, ethnicity or medical conditions.

   For some student testimonals and videos of our system please visit our youtube cannel!

Where we train

   We train twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Malet Suite in the Student central building (please confirm beforehand) from 18:30 to 20:30, with free practice for up to an hour after class. Please check the room locations on the day of training at Student Central Reception as they are subject to occasional changes.
   Training is all year round when Student Central is open. 

   Address: Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY.

Interested in training with us? 

   We encourage anyone interested in training with us to attend at least one class, and we will provide that lesson for free.

   £10 joining fee after getting your student central card and your first month of training. From here:
   Students are charged £3 per class, or £10 per month.
   Non-students are charged £6 per class, or £20 per month.

Join Student Central Shaolin Kung Fu!

  1. Get a Student Central Card
  2. Sign in to the Student Central website (you will receive an activation email after getting your card)
  3. Purchase your membership online



"I arrived in London on the back of a summer spent living in the small and picturesque city of Guilin in southern China, and I was looking for a way to continue my immersion in Chinese culture, even when living in England. A friend of mine recommended I try University of London Shaolin Kung Fu. I was sold from the first session. Training is intense and has made me feel fitter than ever. The discipline and focus needed for learning techniques and forms has helped me to improve in my studies. But most of all, the community has been incredibly welcoming – both competitive and kind, I couldn't ask for a better group with whom to train."
Ben Horn, Student Member

"Nam Pai Chuan Shaolin Kung Fu is great for so many reasons; it increases your fitness, discipline and strength, but it is also a lot of fun with a wide range of people. The training sessions allow you to switch off from hectic everyday life and concentrate on improving your skills and technique. I find it both meditative and a great way to release through exercise whilst learning about the system and the mindset of Nam Pai Chuan. In particular I find working on the syllabus for each grading rewarding, because as you learn more, you can also feel yourself improving and it is great to see others improving alongside you."
Madeleine Bonham Jones, Student Member (2014/2015 Secretary)


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