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Volunteer Ahero

Volunteer Ahero

Date: Wednesday 01 March 2017
Time: midnight - midnight

We are looking for volunteers to take on 3 week placements this summer 2017 in the village of Ahero, Kenya. You’ll be educating, assisting and empowering this tight-knit community to build its own future.

In rural Kenya, HIV/AIDS is present in almost 20% of the population… this means HIV is present in nearly every household.
In the community of Ahero, almost an entire generation has been wiped out, leaving AIDS Orphans in the care of grandparents and siblings. Providing those most vulnerable HIV/AIDS Orphans with a future has become the central challenge for the local community.

Working alongside CIVS Kenya, AiDS Orphan are helping the vulnerable children of Ahero. Ahero’s missing generation means that the village suffers from a lack of able-bodied labourers, teachers, community workers and parents. Buildings are falling into disrepair and the care of Ahero’s children is suffering.

Our volunteers will be working in Ahero during summer 2017 to educate, assist and empower this struggling community to build its own bright future.

For more info on how to get involved with Volunteer Ahero, get in touch: anna@aidsorphan.net