Everything you need to know (Q&A)


*information correct as of 9/10/2020*

Here we have answered some common reopening questions from our members, including schedules, gym use and memberships.

When will you open? 

Energybase are working with the University of London to decide when the safest and most effective time is to reopen. We will ensure our members are informed through our website and social media platforms of our official reopening date.

What does this mean for my membership/refunds? 

We do plan to re-open once the extent of the latest spike in nationwide cases is fully understood. We won’t be able to offer refunds for already purchased memberships (please see exception below); however, your current membership has been frozen and we will extend your contract for the closure period. We will be able to refund you if you have left the London based place of study by the time we'll be able to re-open or for medical reasons. If you match this criteria please contact us on Mitchell.drage@london.ac.uk stating your reason and providing simple evidence of the end of your course or the health reasons.

Will your opening hours change?  

When the facility re-opens it is likely to be Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (No swimming pool or changing room access in the initial stages).

Are there limited spaces in the gym? 

We aim to follow the government guidelines on capacities within certain spaces. There will be a booking procedure to protect your place on a first come first served basis. Details of how to book will be made obvious on the website. No walk-ins will be allowed.

Will there be a queuing system in place? 

Markings will be in place to help signpost queuing systems and walkways to enable social distancing.

Am I limited in time spent in the gym?  

We will schedule a pre-booked session for a maximum of an hour to ensure others can enter and to maintain your health and wellbeing.

Do I need to sign in at reception? 

We will have membership card scanners at reception for members to swipe their own cards and limit person to person contact. Members must wait for the reception staff to grant access as they check membership. We also ask that you scan our QR code to register your visit using the NHS Track & Trace app.

How can I assure my safety is guaranteed? 

Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee safety in this area. We will ensure a high standard of cleaning and precautions to limit the risk of spreading the virus. We ask that you also take precaution, regularly washing your hands and using sanitiser and cleaning supplies to reduce the risk.

Will there be a cleaning schedule? 

Our staff will be expected to regularly clean and wipe down machines and equipment within the gym and studios. We will be creating a more extensive schedule including disinfecting our equipment and touch points throughout the facility.

Do I need to wear a face mask? 

Currently, government guidelines do not state that people wear face coverings while in the gym and therefore we are not expecting to ask our members to do so unless of course guidelines change.

Will staff be available in the gym? 

Staff will be present within the gym facility to offer help and to also maintain hygiene of the equipment.

Is there a timeslot for high risk/vulnerable people? 

At present we do not have a designated time slot for at risk or vulnerable people.

Can I bring my belongings in the gym? 

We will ask that members do not bring personal belongings on to the gym floor as this poses a trip hazard for others. Please do arrive in your gym attire.

Will I have access to a locker? 

Lockers will not be accessible to our members while using the facilities. Reflecting guidelines and most other exercise facilities, to ensure social distancing is maintained, we are keeping our changing rooms out of action.

Will I be able to use the changing rooms? 

As we reopen, we are keeping the changing facilities out of service while we work to ensure that social distancing and ventilation measures are of the upmost standards. It is important to us to keep everyone's safety first.

Can I bring my towel into the gym? 

We ask that towels are not brought on to the gym floor to avoid contact with the face and then our equipment to reduce the spread of the virus. We will have towel roll available to members to wipe down or use to clean down their machines after use.

Will towels and cleaning equipment be provided? 

Cleaning supplies and sanitation stations will be provided to members throughout the facilities. We ask that our members make full use of these to help prevent spread and reduce risk.

Can I train with a friend? 

Unfortunately, no. Social distancing means you must keep to your own space and avoid contact with others. Once government guidelines ease, we are more than happy to follow and allow team workouts.

Will any equipment be removed from the gym? 

For your safety, It is possible we will remove some smaller pieces of equipment such as machines attachments if we find they are at risk of holding infection/spreading infection and unable to clean to our satisfaction. Spacing between machines may mean some stations may not be available.

What is expected of me as a gym user? 

As a gym user, we ask that you follow our guidelines of locking away personal belongings, arriving in your gym wear to limit time in the changing rooms, avoiding contact with others, maintaining social distancing and cleaning any equipment you use before and after.

Will classes still be running? 

No. We are still planning a class timetable with a 20 min interval between each class to avoid any crossover or person to person contact.

Do I have to book into a class? 

We will be limiting the class capacities to allow for social distancing. This means there will be a higher emphasis on booking online to ensure a space. Late access will not be possible.

How many people are allowed in one class? 

Depending on the class, numbers will be limited to half the usual capacity. If more information is needed, please do contact us via Facebook or email.

Is the gym a high-risk area due to enclosed spaces? 

No, there is just as much a risk of COVID-19 in all areas indoors. The key is keeping social distancing in place. Just like the typical household, spaces with closer quarters and high activity can increase the risk of person to person spread.