A Message to our Members

Everybody Welcome at Energybase!


Thank you for your Patience!

We would like to firstly thank all our members their patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are currently working with the University of London to put procedures in place to start working towards reopening our facilities. This involves producing a step by step guide on deep cleaning, staff training and any rearrangements of gym equipment and spaces to ensure our staff and members are safe to return.

Keeping Your Gym Clean and Safe

Your safety, and that of all our staff, is our main priority. We aim to follow the government guidelines and are testing a number of measures to ensure Energybase is a safe environment for you to workout. You will notice some changes in how the gym will look and run but you will still be able to reach your goals. Below are a few of the proposals we plan to implement in our gym.

Keeping a Safe Distance 

We will place markings in the gym for one-person training areas. Cardio machines will be marked out of order to ensure a safe social distance between members. Studios and classes will also have designated workout areas.

Self-Cleaning Stations 

Cleaning supplies will be provided to members to wipe down equipment and machines used. We ask that members also take responsibility for their safety and others.

Self - Sign In  

Members will notice scanners that they can use to scan their memberships cards on at reception. This is reduce person to person contact.

Frequent Cleaning 

The gym will be deep cleaned every morning before opening with anti-bacterial disinfectant. Staff will regularly clean down machines and equipment during opening hours to maintain sanitisation.

Hand Sanitising Stations 

Hand sanitiser will be available to our members for confidence in keeping safe and reducing the spread of virus.

Staff Training  

Our staff will be fully trained in the new cleaning procedures and safety measures and delivered to a high standard.