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Courses & Training

As well as offering a range of sports, societies and activities, we also provide training courses throughout the year for students related to sports and personal development.

Lifeguard Courses (NPLQ)

With the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification you will be a fully qualified lfeguard, allowing you to work in pools and Leisure Centres around the country as well as supervise waterbased activities with your students union.

National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches (NRASTC)

The NRASTC is for teachers and coaches supervising any program of activities taking place in water and teaches rescue and revival skills neccesary for saving someone from drowning.

Women's Self-Defence Courses

These five sessions will give you a better understanding of personal safety and greater physical confidence. Our course teaches legal, theoretical and practical skills designed to help you stay safe and secure on a night out.

First Aid Courses

Qualify as a first aider and find fantastic volunteering opportunities with St Johns Ambulance in London.