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What is it?

Student Central has a Clubs and Societies Forum that meets with senior staff on a regular basis. The Forum is made up of current club and society members who are students from the University of London. Their primary purpose is to advise on clubs and societies, reporting on comments, issues and successes. They are an invaluable contact for clubs and societies to feed information to Student Central, can provide assistance to you or formally ask for assistance from the staff team and can possibly advise on best practice if appropriate.

What does it do?

The Forum meets throughout the year to discuss general issues that affect Student Central users as well as introduce and approve new and activities that will enhance the overall student experience of studying in London. Its duties are to:

  • Consider applications for the creation of new Student Central clubs and societies, confirm whether these applications meet the requirements of the regulations.
  • Consider policies and governance arrangements for clubs and societies and feed back any comments or suggestions to the Student Activities Group.
  • Consider general issues that affect Student Central users taking part in Student Central clubs, societies and activities.
  • Consider annually the range of personal development activities for students organised by Student Central, and whether this continues to meet the needs of students.
  • Report to the Student Activities Group.
  • Consider students’ health, safety, and wellbeing, and ensure that those involved in all activities are aware of their responsibilities and that appropriate training and support is provided.

Details of the terms of reference can be found here.

How can I join?

The group is made of students who have been elected to represent their own unique group of Student Central activities. They are responsible for gathering feedback from the activities in their group as well as communicating upcoming changes or requests from the student activities department.

The groups are as follows.

  • Pool Users - Canoe Polo; Lifesaving; Swimming; Sub-Aqua
  • Ice/Water Sports - Boat; Ice Hockey; Sailing; Snowsports
  • Other Ball Sports - Cricket; Lacrosse; Polo; Volleyball
  • Other Sports - Archery; Athletics; Fencing; Gymnastics; Rifle; Mountaineering
  • Martial Arts - Judo; Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Dance - Breakdance; Dancesport
  • Musical - Chamber Choir; Jazz; Orchestra
  • Religious/Cultural Groups - Buddha; Koinonia; Overseas Christian Fellowship
  • General Interest - ArtHarry Potter; Legal Forum; St John’s Ambulance LINKS

Elections for representatives take place at the beginning of the year during officer training. You may put your name forward at any time before elections are held. You must be a full student member of Student Central and a current member of a club or society to stand.

Current Members

  • Vacant - Student Central pool users
  • Vacant - Ice/Water Sports using facilities outside of Student Central
  • Vacant - Other ball sports
  • Vacant - Other sports & outdoor activities
  • Vacant - Martial Arts
  • Vacant - Dance
  • Vacant - Musical
  • Vacant - Religious / Cultural Groups
  • Vacant - General interest

Student Activities Group

The Student Activities Group (SAG) sits above the Clubs and Societies Forum and has overall responsibility for the governance of Student Central clubs and societies.  The membership of the Group includes senior University of London staff but also includes two student representatives from the Clubs and Societies Forum (CSF).  The main duties of the Student Activities Group are to:

  • Give formal approval to decisions of the CSF on the establishment and dissolution of clubs and societies.
  • Approve and monitor grant allocations to clubs and societies.
  • Provide advice and support for clubs and societies.
  • Monitor the clubs and societies Charter of Conduct and the operational policy and practice of clubs and societies.
  • Consider students’ health, safety, and wellbeing in all decisions.

The membership and terms of reference of the Student Activities Group can be found here.