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Improvements & Performance

Download the full list of improvements Student Central has pleged to make here: 


Student Central has full recycling facilities across the building and an Oxfam collection point outside for clothing and shoes.

This year, 2013, Student Central has introduced new initiatives for recycling of batteries and mobile phones within the building. Visit the recycling page to find out more information.

Greenstar ran a road show at Student Central to promote their "Reduce, Recycle and Re-use" mantra at Student Central. They got many people to sign up and pledge their support to reducing their impact on the environment! The pledge sheets are available to view here.


Ethical Purchasing

We continue to increase the supplies and products of Fairtrade goods across our retail departments. 

Our conference and catering departments use 'Rainforest Alliance' tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 


Green Impact Awards:

Run by the National Union of Students (NUS), the Green Impact awards scheme is designed to help and encourage student unions to make substantial improvments in the environmental practice of their organisations. Having previously won 'Silver' for our commitment to the environment, we'll be keeping our standards up again this year. 


Reducing Utility Consumption:

Through appropriate training of staff, Student Central constantly reduces utility consumption across the building.

We have installed solar film on the Gallery Bar roof, conference rooms and offices, which will reduce the use of air-conditioning units.

We have installed 'eCube' devises in all the buildings fridges and freezers. These will help to reduce electricity consumption by up to 33%. 


Regular Ethical & Environmental Audits Conducted by NUS services: 

This includes building works, and guidelines for operations activities that may have a positive change on our environmental impact


Waste Management & Recycling:

Student Central currently recycles all waste paper and cardboard and are looking into ways to improve recycling in the building with new green business partnerships.


Staff Training

Student Central has committed members of staff who are dedicated to environmental issues. Members of Student Central staff are active members of the University of London’s Environmental Policy Work Group.

Student Central encourages all staff to take an active role in ethical and environmental issues.


Carbon Management Plan

University of London has commited to reducing its carbon emissions by 20%. That means 2,561 less tonnes of carbon by March 2015!

Read more about the Plan and how you can get involved.