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Green Projects

At Student Central we actively campaign to raise environmental awareness.

We need to cut 43% off our Carbon footprint by 2020, so together with the Sustainability team at University of London, we are encouraging students to take part in the following projects:

Reduce the juice

Energy saving competition taking place across the Intercollegiate Halls at University of London. If you live in the halls of residence, you are already part of it so you might as well get involved so you can win the competition and get your hands on some great prizes! Head over to our website and find your hall!

Swap Shop

This year, Student Central will host two rounds of Swap Shop events organized by students – one in early December and one towards the end of the academic year. Stay updated with details here.If you`d like to get in involved, please send us a message on the Facebook page above.


Social enterprise project led by Enactus Society. This project focuses on food waste prevention and tacking poverty in London. Please get in touch at sutainability@london.ac.uk if you`d like to get involved in this project.

Any other green projects / ideas are very welcomed. Drop up a line at sutainability@london.ac.uk.