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Jitsu is a progressive martial art that offers a means of personal and physical development, as well as an effective system of self-defence.  Based on the principal of using an aggressor's energy to their own disadvantage, Jitsu skills can be used by men, women and children to counter aggressive situations.  Regular training can help to improve strength, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and posture.  Moreover, most people find that Jitsu improves their self-esteeem and self-confidence.

We are hosting an interactive demo on Sunday 5 October, especially for beginners, but feel free to join us anytime. Jitsu training is also great fun and a fantastic way to meet new friends.  The best way to find out more is to come along to Jitsu and join in. Beginners are always welcome and the first session's free.  Even our instructors were novices once and we understand that starting a martial art can be daunting.


When and Where We Meet

We train every WEDNESDAY (8-10pm) and SUNDAY (4-7pm) at Energybase (Lower Ground Floor, Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY)

We usually gather by the vending machines about 10 minutes before the start of each session.


Who is the Coach?

Kheng Chau has been the club instructor for the past 5 years.



We have two national competitions each year, one in November where you can show off your Jitsu techniques and your self-defence ability, and one in February that focuses on ground-fighting and standing Randori (performing your techniques against a resisting opponent). These events involve a course in the morning taught by the best jitsuka in the country, and competition in the afternoon over 2 days. It is a great chance to meet other jitsuka from around the country, get taught by the best of the best, and show off your skills!

The jitsu foundation hosts frequent regional training sessions on the weekends, where the best instructors (third dans) travel the country and provide an extended teaching session to jitsuka in the different regions, which we encourage our members to attend. This is a great chance to train with people outside your club and get taught by other regional instructors in a really fun, friendly environment. These events can really improve your jitsu and speed up your progress in your weekly club training sessions.

Additionally, the jitsu foundation occasionally hosts specialist regional courses, for example specifically focusing on breakfalling, to which we urge our novices to attend. Our senior grades have been regularly training at regional Saturday sessions only for purple belts and above, and at the weekly regional brown and dan trainings.

We have also had several visits from guest instructors come to teach at our club sessions. This included one session dedicated to boxing techniques.

Every summer, the jitsu foundation organises a summer school in the Lake District – a camping weekend of walking and jitsu that any jitsuka can attend. Every year a group go to meet and train with fellow jitsuka from around the country for a really enjoyable weekend.





In 2013, we came THIRD in the overall club shield competition at the Atemi Nationals, meaning we were the third highest scoring team in the UK! That year we took home both a silver and a gold medal in the individual competitions as well.



  • - Chris Oddy graded from novice to yellow (December 2013)
  • - Joss Smith graded from novice to yellow (December 2013)
  • - Maher El Ghor graded from novice to yellow (March 2014)
  • - Garett Ross graded from novice to yellow (December 2013) and from yellow to orange (March 2014)
  • - Helen McDonald graded from novice to yellow II (December 2013) and from yellow to orange (March 2014)
  • - Toni Barnett graded from orange to green (March 2014)
  • - Fergus McBean graded from orange to green (March 2014)


Instructor promotions:

Last year, two of our members were awarded their Brown belts (instructor level) and are now teaching their own clubs. Franck Royer took over as instructor of Brunel University Jitsu Club, and this year Adam Dyer became instructor for the Nautical School Junior Jitsu Club. Two more of our members are aiming to go for their brown belt (instructor) gradings next year.

Our instructor got promoted last year to senior primary, which means he is now eligible to go for his next black belt grading!


What Does It Cost?

The joining fee is £5 for students with weekly subs £3.50 per session or £20 per term.

We have not yet decided on Associate fees, so we will use a single rate for the moment. Deals still available.


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