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Krishna West is a growing spiritual movement that seeks to contribute towards individual, social and global welfare through the promotion and practice of advanced spiritual knowledge expounded in ancient Vedic texts. The Krishna West Project aspires to ignite a journey of self-discovery for the individual as well as society at large.


What do we do? 

Our workshops and sessions are based on interactive studying of the ancient Vedic text, Srimad Bhagavad Gita. As one of the oldest and most cherished treatises on the philosophy and practice of yoga, the scripture teaches a science of holistic development spanning all areas of human activity, particularly relating to health, wealth, relationships and spiritual wellbeing.

We encourage students to explore deep questions about life, to think “outside the box” and make courageous steps toward achieving their holistic life goals. It will additionally serve as a forum for discussion and support among students facing similar issues in student life and a medium for cultivating strong and lasting friendships.


Where and when do we meet?

Our workshops take place twice a month at Student Central, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY.

Please subscribe to our website or like the Krishna West London Facebook page in order to receive information about our sessions and stay in touch with us.


Who are the coaches? 

Yonka Yancheva (Yadavi devi dasi)

Originally from Bulgaria, Yonka has been in the Hare Krishna movement for nearly a decade. She moved to London to study performing arts and pursue her career in filmmaking. After completing her degree Yonka's main focus became creative writing and her film projects. While folling her creative aspirations, she also had the chance to receive extensive training in Krishna consciouness at the Radha Krishna Temple in Central London. In 2015 with the blessings of her spiritual teacher Hridayananda dasa Goswami, she started Krishna West in London. Since then the project has been growing steadily reaching out to many progressive and forward thinking people.

Shivanand Sharma

Having spent his youth beside the glistening shores of the Caribbean Sea, Shiv first moved to London to pursue his studies in actuarial science. Before long, however, Shiv's interests were drawn to London's spiritual undercurrent, and he took a sabbatical to explore the timeless teachings of Bhakti Yoga as a monk at the famous Radha Krishna Temple in Central London. During this time Shiv studied the modern practicality of applying the ancient and pristine principles of this philosophy in present day society, while participating in a range of interfaith events to share and exchange perspectives and ideas of relevant spirituality. Soon after Shiv connected with the blossoming phenomenon that is Krishna West. Today, while furthering his career development and spiritual growth, Shiv is keen to share his experiences and insights into holistic life styling as conducted through the accessible platform of Krishna West in contemporary society.


What does it cost? 

Membership costs just £4.00 for UoL students and £6.50 for associate members. Membership will give you access to all of our sessions.  


Joining a Student Central club and society is the same for all clubs and societies:

  1. Sign in to the Student Central website. You will receive an activation email
  2. Purchase your membership online 
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