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The Student Central Volleyball Club is a diverse and friendly community with its members coming from different colleges across University of London. We offer competitive yet fun weekly training sessions to players from different levels.


What We Do

The traditional six-a-side indoor volleyball is played in the club. In volleyball, a team can touch the ball three times on their side of the court and the flow of play follows similar lines: one team serves, the other tries to win the rally - or 'side-out' - with a pattern of dig, set, spike. (To learn more about the sport, visit: www.britishvolleyball.org)

Both our men's and women's competitive teams cater for players with some years of experience. The teams compete in the London Volleyball League. For beginners and intermediate players, we also offer recreational training sessions in a more relaxed set up for you to enjoy the sport.

Whether you are looking to learn a new sport, improve on your skills or ready to compete at a higher level, the Volleyball Club has something for you!


When and Where We Meet

Men's competitive - Wednesdays 8-10pm - Arts & Media School Islington (N4 3LS)

Women's competitive - Mondays 8-10pm - Studio Base 1, Energybase (Lower Ground Floor, Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY)

Intermediate level (mix) - Thursdays 20-21pm - Studio Base 1, Energybase (Lower Ground Floor, Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY)

Mixed recreational - Sundays 2-4pm - Studio Base 1, Energybase (Lower Ground Floor, Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY)



Men's competitive team competes London Volleyball League Premier while Female's competitive team plays in London Volleyball League Division 1 - games take place between October and April each year.



National Student Cup 2013-2014 (Women's) - Runner Up

London Volleyball League Division 1 2017-2018 (Men's) - Champions


What Does It Cost?

Full members - £50 (reduced fee £25 for second half of the season)

Associate members - £80 (reduced fee £40 for second half of the season)

Please note that for the 2018/19 session all members attending training sessions in Energybase facilities will be required to purchase an Energybase membership: a day pass or 1, 3 ,6 or 12 month passes are available. Holders of a current club or society full membership will qualify for a discounted rate on an annual pass.

Please also note that Men's competitive team will require extra fees to cover extra expenses for the facilities.

Joining a Student Central club and society is the same for all clubs and societies:

  1. Contact your society
  2. Get a Student Central Card
  3. Sign in to the Student Central website (you will receive an activation email after getting your card)
  4. Purchase your membership online




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