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Welcome to the University of London Club of the Year 2018!

We are the only canoe/kayak club in the University of London. We train in the Student Central energybase pool, compete regularly in national leagues, university competitions across the UK (including BUCS) and even tournaments abroad. Canoe Polo is a sport for all and we always find time for a social after events!

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What We Do

Canoe Polo combines paddling, ball skills and tactical play in a fast exciting game. 2 teams of 5 compete to score goals by shooting a ball at a goal frame suspended 2 meters from the water at either ends of the pitch. A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by other players and can only hold on to the ball for a maximum of 5 seconds; the ball must be dribbled or passed to other players on the team. Most of the rules concern player safety and fair play; penalties for fouls include free throws, free shots, goal penalty shots and penalty cards. The game is therefore always supervised by a referee on each side of the pitch.

Canoe polo can be played indoors in swimming pools or outdoors on any stretch of flat water such as a lake or canal. We train 3 times a week indoors (Energybase), plus gym sessions, and occassionally outdoors on nearby canals and at weekend tournaments on lakes.

The sport is considered to be one of the fastest growing sports worldwide with the British Canoe Union as our local governing body. Canoe polo is played internationally (a world games sport) and is governed by the International Canoe Federation. The club provides all the specialist equipment necessary including special composite kayaks (polo boats), spraydecks, paddles, buoyancy aids and helmets with faceguards.


When and Where We Meet

When: Every Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00 and Sunday 17:30 - 19:00. Additional Friday evening session 20:30 - 22:00 for Men's and Ladies A Teams. Every session is followed by drinks at the pub/upstairs.

Aim to arrive 20 minutes early to change and get kitted up with a club boat, paddle, helmet spraydeck and BA!

Where: Energybase Swimming Pool (Basement of the Student Central building, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY)

What to bring: Old T-Shirt, swimming trunks/suit and a towel!


Who are the Coaches?

We are incredibly fortunate to have two coaches, Jean and Michael. Jean is a kayaking coach from France who he used to compete for, and Michael is our very own proud alumnus and a current member of the GB national team. 

Coaching is also a team effort led by the experienced Club, Mens, Ladies and B team captains. We are also incredibly fortunate to have fantastic support from ''Old Git" alumni playing in the highest divisions.



We have 4 different teams at different levels to provide playing opportunities regardless of level:

A team: National Open Div 3 SE, Regional open Div 2 SE

Ladies A: National Ladies Div 2, Regional open Div 3 SE

B team: National Open Div 4 SE, Regional open Div 3 SE.

Ladies Development

We compete at BUCS along with our Old Gits team and attend many other university weekend tournaments (Bath, Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff etc) throughout the year including running our own ''Paddlington''. Summer tournaments are competed at across the UK and even abroad!



BUCS 2019:

BUCS Open League - 3rd
BUCS Ladies League - 3rd
BUCS B League - 4th
BUCS Old Gits - 3rd

BUCS 2018:

BUCS Open League - 3rd
BUCS B League - 1st
BUCS Old Gits -  3rd

BUCS 2017:

BUCS Open League - 2nd
BUCS Ladies League - 1st
BUCS B League - 4th
BUCS Old Gits - 3rd

BUCS 2016:

BUCS Open League - 3rd 
BUCS Ladies League - 1st
BUCS B League - 2nd
BUCS Old Gits - 2nd


National League Results:

2012/13: A Team - 1st place at Open Division 4 - promotion to Division 3

2013/14: A Team - 6th place at Open Division 3

2013/14: Ladies Team - 3rd place at Ladies Division 2

2013/14: B Team - 8th place at Open Division 4



Amsterdam Tournament Division 3 - Gold medals

Liverpool Tournament Ladies League - Gold medals

Welsh Open Tournament Division 2 - Bronze medals

Paddlington Tournament Open League - Bronze (top university team)

Paddlington Tournament Ladies League - Gold medals

Bath University Tournament Open League - Bronze medals

Warwick University Tournament Open League - 4th place

Bristol University Tournament Open League - Gold medals

Bristol University Tournament B League - Silver medals

Cardiff University Tournament Open League - Bronze medals

Cardiff University Tournament Ladies League - Gold medals


What Does It Cost?

£50 for full annual membership, this covers club kit and coaching until the following September. Club membership for student central associates (non-UoL students) is £75. 

Since 2017, an Energybase membership is required in addition to your club membership. A Club Only Pass is available for £60 that permits access to Club sessions only. Alternatively, a day pass,1, 3, 6, or 12 month Energybase membership gives access to Club sessions and all other facilities.


Joining a Student Central club and society is the same for all clubs and societies:


  1. Contact your society
  2. Get a Student Central Card
  3. Sign in to the Student Central website (you will receive an activation email after getting your card)
  4. Purchase your membership online





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