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The best attractions in Bloomsbury

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Spending a day in Bloomsbury is a must-do for any tourist and Londoner alike. Our striking neighbourhood is nestled in the heart of the UK’s bustling capital and is home to some of London’s most notable attractions and activities. 

So if you’re coming to visit Bloomsbury for the day, we’ve created a list of must-sees and must-dos while you’re in the neighbourhood. 

Read on to discover some of the best attractions Bloomsbury has to offer, and get ready to go exploring.


The British Museum 

The British Museum is one of Bloomsbury’s most notable attractions, and is a must-see for anyone with an interest in…well, anything!

From an architectural point of view, the museum buildings boast a number of breathtaking styles, including elegant Greek Revival in the main building, and a more modern and dazzling design in the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court.

On top of that, the museum is also home to a huge display of objects and artefacts collected by the museum's founder, Sir Hans Sloane. Explore the world through incredible collections about ancient Egypt, China, Mexico and Africa, plus a huge selection of other carefully designed expositions. 

And, as with many museums in London, you can explore everything it has to offer without spending a penny.

British_Museum Photo by DAVID ILIFF Wikimedia Commons

Photo by David Iliff


The Brunswick Centre

The Brunswick Centre is one of Bloombusry’s most beloved attractions, and offers visitors a range of things to do, see, eat and drink.

The modernist, grade II listed building is both a residential space and a shopping centre known for its arty atmosphere and big variety of activities. It’s nestled between Bloomsbury’s best-known parks, Brunswick Square and Russell Square and is home to various different shops, restaurants, bars and even a Curzon, a trendy arthouse cinema. 

For those looking for something vibrant and alternative in Bloomsbury, the Brunswick Centre is the perfect choice.

Brunswick Centre Bloomsbury London


Bloombusry’s leafy parks

Despite being located in the heart of London’s city centre, Bloomsbury is an incredibly relaxing and tranquil place to be. That has a lot to do with how much green space there is in the neighbourhood, including the beautifully maintained Russel, Brunswick, Bloomsbury, and Bedford Squares, along with St George’s Gardens

Throughout the year you’ll find people strolling through, picnicking and playing in these parks (weather depending), giving the neighbourhood a deeper feeling of community.

Perfect for a springtime or summer lunchtime, Bloomsbury’s green havens make for the perfect base to take a rest bite after a busy morning sightseeing. And if it rains, you can always head to the Grumpy Mule for a coffee. 

Russell Square Gardens Bloomsbury London


Grant Museum of Zoology

For animal and biology fans, an afternoon at The Grant Museum of Zoology promises to be both mind-boggling and fascinating.

Opened by British anatomist and zoologist Robert Edmond Grant in 1828, the museum was originally designed to be a teaching collection of zoological specimens and material for dissection. But today, it’s home to over 68,000 zoological specimens, and gives a unique, educational glance into the biology of the entire animal kingdom. For those looking for a museum slightly out of the ordinary, The Grant Museum of Zoology is well worth the visit.

Grant Museum of Zoology london


The Cartoon Museum 

If you’re looking for an art museum with an edge, Bloomsbury is home to just that.

The Cartoon Museum is exactly what it sounds like: A museum dedicated to the art of cartoons. It boasts a huge collection of British cartoons, caricatures, comic strips and animation, along with a library of over 5,000 books and 4,000 comics. 

Popular with artists and art lovers alike, The Cartoon Museum is one of Bloomsbury’s most loved museums - and with good reason. Guests can explore various cartoon styles from those of today to those of several decades ago, learning about the different styles, purposes and public reaction to cartoons over the years.  

The cartoon Museum London

Photo by Alexander Williams


Senate House Library 

If you’re spending an afternoon wandering around Bloombusry, then the bold and beautiful Senate House Library will be hard to miss. The building was once the tallest in London, and is notable for its elegant art deco style. 

Now the administrative centre of the University of London, the striking Art Deco building is also used as the University’s main library, an event space, and is also the backdrop for several films and TV shows - making it a rather recognisable and exciting place to explore. 

Senate House London


The Dominion Theatre

For the theatre and drama lovers out there, the Dominion Theatre should be on the top of your list Bloomsbury’s must-visit attractions.

Built in 1929, it’s a naturally breathtaking building that was improved further by an extensive multi-million-pound restoration in 2014. This returned the theatre to its original splendour - and more! The theatre’s recent refurb means it can now contain some of the largest West End and Broadway sets - meaning audiences are guaranteed an amazing show. 

For those looking to spend an unforgettable evening in Bloomsbury (or even an afternoon matinee!) book an evening at the Dominion. 

Dominion Theatre London


Museum of Comedy

In Bloomsbury, you can make a whole day out of wandering through some of London’s more unconventional museums. And the Museum of Comedy is certainly one to see. 

The immersive museum features a huge range of fascinating props and artefacts that perfectly highlight Britain’s rich comedic history. Its huge collection of comedy memorabilia includes over six thousand artefacts from some of Britain’s most iconic comedians and comedy shows. 

The museum also puts on regular expositions, comedy shows and courses - so check out what’s on while you’re passing by.  

The Museum of Comdey

Relax at the Grumpy Mule

Whatever you decide to get up to during your visit to Bloomsbury, make sure you treat yourself to a well-deserved coffee break. (One of the best coffees in the area, if we don’t say so ourselves.)

At Grumpy Mule Cafe, we offer a range of delicious food - whether you’re stopping by for breakfast, popping in for lunch or you’re just after a snack. 

Plus, our great tasting coffee will keep you energised during your day of galavanting and sightseeing. Trust us - it’s tasty. You can find directions to our Bloomsbury cafe here