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The benefits of adult swimming lessons

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Many of us can remember the routine of childhood swimming lessons. The musky scent of chlorine, the echoes bouncing off the walls, the shrill trill of the lifeguard’s whistle. However, after a certain age, many of us tend to stop swimming lessons in favour of lane swimming, or we move on to other sports completely.

But what many exercise lovers don’t realise is that there’s always more to learn when it comes to swimming. If you were in school the last time you had a swimming lesson, retouching your technique as an adult can be an amazing way to reconnect with your body, improve your fitness, and reignite your childhood love for swimming all over again.

For that reason and so many others, taking swimming lessons as an adult can be hugely rewarding - let’s look at some other benefits!


1. Swimming lessons improve your swimming technique and body positioning

As children, we learn to swim from scratch. This means a lot of work focuses on the basics of swimming and staying afloat. As time goes on, we learn to perfect certain strokes through regular practice.

However, as soon we move away from lessons, bad habits can creep in. Without a teacher watching your technique and correcting you, it can be easy for your swimming posture to become sloppy. This results in less effective swimming and can actually be a hindrance to progressing your fitness. So, by taking swimming lessons as an adult you can correct any issues with your technique.


2. Swimming lessons improve your strength

You’ll see your overall strength improve hugely when you swim regularly. However, by taking swimming lessons you’ll see your strength improve even faster. That’s because lessons focus on improving how you swim and push you to improve your speed and power. This will take your strength levels up more quickly than if you were swimming alone.

Also, you’re more likely to work harder in a coached swimming lesson than when you’re swimming on your own. You can also explore new strokes you might not be comfortable trying alone which will work your body much harder.


3. Swimming lessons let you enjoy impact free cardio

Swimming lessons are great for those who want to improve their fitness in a really proactive way but can’t engage in high impact sports such as running or high-intensity training. For example, for people with mobility issues or injuries, swimming lessons can be an especially effective way to get the cardio workout they struggle to get on land.

Lessons provide you with a way to become faster, more efficient and workout more intensely, all while protecting your joints from impact and damage.


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4. Swimming lessons help you improve cardiovascular health

Many people work harder in exercises classes compared with when they work out alone. And when it comes to swimming, the mentality is the same! Lane swimming without instruction can become mindless, and you might find yourself going more slowly or less intense as you’d like to.

In a swimming lesson, you’re far more likely to work harder because you’ll have a teacher urging you to go faster and correcting your strokes as you swim. This combined with non-stop swimming for an hour will have an extremely beneficial impact on your cardiovascular health.


5. Swimming lessons can improve mental health

In the swimming pool, there are no mobile phones, no social media, and barely any talking. That makes it a great space to take a break from the outside world, be with your own thoughts and connect with your body. For mental health, this can be exceptionally beneficial.

Swimming lessons add even more mental health benefits to the act of swimming alone. By turning up every week to practice your strokes in a focused and distraction-free space, the act of practicing with a purpose starts to become similar to meditation.


6. Swimming lessons provide relief from chronic pain

Because swimming is so low impact, it’s great for people who have joint or muscle issues. On top of that, it can also act as a way to reduce the pain that comes with such conditions.

In fact, many people have reported that swimming helps ease chronic pain in the back and other parts of the body. This is because the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off the joints while allowing you to strengthen the muscles that support your back.

However, not every swimming stroke is ideal for pain relief, and some can actually worsen your pain. By working with a professional in swimming lessons, you can make sure you’re doing the right strokes that can help you ease your pain while becoming fitter at the same time.


Swimming lessons at Energybase with Anne Polinario

At Energybase, we recognise how important swimming lessons are for people in all stages of life. That’s why we now offer swimming lessons for all our members.

Not only that, but our swimming lessons are run by Anne Polinario, a professional athlete and world champion who is helping our members reach their dreams in the pool.

The 9 times Paralympic medallist aims to inspire the next generation of swimmers by urging them to look beyond their own boundaries and realise their dreams.,

Get in touch today, and book your FREE trial swimming lesson at Energy base with Anne Polinario. See you in the pool!


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