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This website has been transferred to the University of London and is no longer operated by a student union. It is now operated by University of London.

But what does that mean?

We are no longer a students' union. We no longer have student governance including student officers, elections and senate. However, you will continue to be represented by your own college's students’ union and the National Union of Students.  

So what else has changed?

Not a lot. The current staff team will still continue to offer a whole range of facilities and activities including cafes, bars, live music and events, a health and fitness studio and the largest swimming pool in central London. 

Is it still free to join?

If you’re a student at one of the University of London’s member Colleges then membership of Student Central is free. Associate members (alumni, staff and associate college members) still pay £20 per year.

Will you still run sports and other activities?

Student Central will continue to host over 40 clubs and societies, from Archery to Canoe Polo, Hip Hop to Debate – check out the Student Activities pages to see the full list

What's happening to the gym and swimming pool?

EnergyBase, Student Central’s fitness club, will continue as normal. EnergyBase provides members with over fifty fitness activities, for all levels of ability and commitment, with its 53-station fitness suite, 33m swimming pool, fitness classes, sprung sports hall and multi-purpose studio. You can join Energy Base for an additional fee, and students of the University of London’s member colleges get a discount, so don’t forget to show your student card when you sign up. 

Student Central is owned by the University of London and run by its Chief Executive Officer, Julie Adams, and her dedicated team who are happy to help you with any questions