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First Aid Course - February 2017

First Aid Course - February 2017

Date: Saturday 04 February 2017
Time: 7:45am - 5pm
Location: Student Central

Student Central currently offers a 2-day first aid training course to all of its members. The courses on offer are designed to give attendees the necessary skills to confidently and safely provide first aid assistance for other students.

Pitch Side First Aid

Designed to help students taking part in competitive sport, this highly practical first aid course covers trauma injuries commonly associated with contact sports as well as managing bleeding, treating sprains and strains, incident management and includes AED (defibrillator) training. It is ideal for those students who are responsible for initial first aid treatment of team members as well as committee members and volunteer coaches.

Signing Up

The course is for both full and assocciate members and  To sign up please contact React First on info@reactfirst.co.uk using your college email and quoting the date of the course you are interested in.If you have any specific questions you can speak to the course providers on 0207 193 2608

Day one is a basic first aid course covering CPR, vital signs, monitoring casualties and bleeding.  involves theoretical discussions with our trainers as well as practical demonstrations of recovery techniques, bandaging wounds and resuscitation.

Day two covers the specialist elements of the course and will take the class outside of Student Central to perform practical exercises and demonstrations in Russell Square that further develop candidates applied knowledge of the first aid techniques they have been taught.