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ULU Referendum

ULU Referendum

Date: Friday 15 November 2013
Time: noon - noon

“Should ULU’s building, activities and campaigns continue to be run democratically by students?”

The question:

In May 2013, the University of London announced its intention to abolish its student union, ULU, from August 1st 2014 and replace it with a services centre run by University management. Please indicate your opinion on the following question:

“Should ULU’s building, activities and campaigns continue to be run democratically by students?”

How and when you vote will depend on which College you attend. Please select your College from the menu below to vote.

What is happening?

The University of London Union (ULU) represents over 120,000 students from across the University of London. From August 1st, the University is planning to abolish ULU’s campaigns and student-led activities and run its services and building directly. ULU is running this referendum so that students can decide for themselves and give a mandate for what they want to happen. Results will be announced on 13th December.

·       Voting YES means that you want ULU's building, activities and campaigns to continue to be student led, either as a continuation of ULU or as part of a union representing all students in London

·       Voting NO means that you support the University of London's plans to disestablish ULU and replace it with a student service centre

·       Voting to ABSTAIN means that for whatever reason you do wish to register a vote, but do not wish to vote either yes or no

Why should you vote?

ULU has existed since 1921, and it is in terms of membership the largest student union in Europe. At present, Colleges contribute financially to ULU, and ULU provides students with democratically run campaigns such as housing, liberation and workers’ rights; activities such as clubs & societies; and services such as the gym, bars and conferencing space. This referendum is about whether or not these services exist, and how they should be run.

This is not just any referendum: it may decide whether or not ULU continues to exist, and it is certain to have a huge impact on how students are represented in London.


When and how do I vote?

Voting times vary per college. For college students' unions that are using the ULU voting system, this will open on Friday 15th November. Voting closes friday 7th February 2014. More information about this will be released soon.