Hatha Yoga on Mondays 1-2pm and Fridays 12-1pm.

Natasha has a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2002 and teaching at ULU since August 2004.  Natasha has been practicing yoga since 1998.  She has a sensitive approach to yoga, with emphasis on harmonising the body, breath, mind and spirit.  Adapting to individual needs in a safe and caring environment.   Having experienced the transformational power of yoga she has great enthusiasm to share this practice with others and experience the unfolding beauty of their own true nature.

?Natasha’s classes and workshops run from an intuitive basis depending on what the group needs, tapping into her wide range of experience to provide what is required. The sessions are a mixture of yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques and can be calm and gentle or upbeat and energising.  Natasha meditates on a daily basis and intertwines this important practice into her classes.



Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday and Friday evenings  7pm - 8pm

Mayan Patel is a London based Yoga teacher, Dancer and Creative Facilitator. Using body/mind disciplines and creative tools to create personal change for individuals and in the workplace. Mayan is passionate about community building, authentic communication and rekindling a real felt sense of wellness in our busy 21st century lives.

Mayan's practice is informed by the traditional Ashtanga system as well as somatic and improvised movement practices. Over the years he has been fortunate to train all over the world with variety of high profile teachers of different modalities.

His session's focus on Yoga as an inquiry where we can learn in a sensate, felt mode of discovery. Focusing on fundamental principles and patterns, efficient pathways for movement and encouraging release in the body. Bringing our attention internally so we can move as a unified whole and perceive what the body has to tell us.

Mayan emphasises the transformative tools that Yoga brings. An honesty and ability to observe without judgement. Yoga has helped him step into his body and off his mat with a whole new sensitivity, vibrancy and intuition.

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Rise and Shine Yoga on Tuesdays and Fridays 7:45am 

Davide moved in London in 2012. The chaotic lifestyle of the city immediately had a huge impact on his life: for many reasons he stopped practising break-dance, discipline that motivated him for the past decade. The feeling of frustration derived from this decision found relief just after he got to try his first yoga class. Since then, he genuinely dedicated himself to the practice, experimenting and testing every style he came across.

His practice is based on the Progressive Ashtanga-Vinyasa aka Rocket System, as he appreciates the value of a no dogmatic approach to the yoga practice. He understands the psychology of newbies and always tries to remind that it is not about mastering a pose, but the journey itself.

Davide is inspired by the awesome David Swenson and the incredibly humble David Kyle. Among his other passions, Davide spaces from a nerdy love for the Japanese universe to traveling, good coffee, food, cycling and being upside down.