Energybase runs over 50 classes per week in term time, ranging from HIIT classes and spin through various form of yoga to belly dance and zumba.

We believe it is possible to get fit and have fun in the same time. There is something for everyone!


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  • Please pre-book your classes in advance to ensure your participation in them. Please note that only members can book over the phone. Non-members must purchase a day-pass and book at reception on the day.

  • Class timetables and Instructors are subject to change from time to time without notice.

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Get Fit, Stay Active and Have Fun! There is something for everyone!

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Strength & Conditioning




Mayan Patel

Mayab teaches Yoga

Mayan Patel is a London based Yoga teacher, Dancer and Creative Facilitator. Using body/mind disciplines and creative tools to create personal change for individuals and in the workplace. Mayan is passionate about community building, authentic communication and rekindling a real felt sense of wellness in our busy 21st century lives.

Mayan's practice is informed by the traditional Ashtanga system as well as somatic and improvised movement practices. Over the years he has been fortunate to train all over the world with variety of high profile teachers of different modalities.

His session's focus on Yoga as an inquiry where we can learn in a sensate, felt mode of discovery. Focusing on fundamental principles and patterns, efficient pathways for movement and encouraging release in the body. Bringing our attention internally so we can move as a unified whole and perceive what the body has to tell us.

Mayan emphasises the transformative tools that Yoga brings. An honesty and ability to observe without judgement. Yoga has helped him step into his body and off his mat with a whole new sensitivity, vibrancy and intuition.

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Sylvia teaches Dynamic Flow on Tuesdays 1-2pm.

Sylvia has been practsing yoga for 12 years and over the years has come to explore many different styles of yoga. Coming from a strong Ashtanga background and inspired by her teacher David Swenson, Sylvia has taken a huge amount from this practise which she passes on to her students with care, compassion and humour. She has practised many other styles over the years including Jivamukti, Iyengar, Yin and Shadow Yoga and also practises and teaches Yoga Nidra on a regular basis. Sylvia teaches classes and workshops across London and holds annual Yoga retreats in Devon. As well as being a teacher, she remains a student of yoga learning from many different teachers and practitioners and maintaining a daily self practise.


Aubrey teaches Classical Yoga on Saturdays 11am-12pm.

Aubrey has been practising yoga for over fifteen years and became a registered Independent Yoga Network teacher in 2007. He teaches the Classical Yoga class on a Saturday morning. The class covers the full repertoire of poses from tree pose to headstand, including standing/sitting poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. The class is aimed at students who are already familiar with the basic yoga poses and want to deepen their practice. The sessions are varied in content and draw inspiration from different styles of yoga, encompassing both dynamic and subtle body work. Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) is included.


Austeja teaches Ashtanga Yoga on Mondays 7.45-8.45pm and Thursdays 7-8.30pm, and Hot Yoga on Fridays 7.45-8.45am.

An extensive yoga education with teachers from around the world has had an insightful effect on Austeja’s style of teaching, which is a blend of Patanjali’s Asthanga, eight-fold path, flowing Vinyasa sequencing and T. Krishnamacharya’s teachings. She has taught many, from blind students to marathon runners, triathletes and yoga teachers in UK as well as overseas.

Classes led by Austeja are suitable for all as she strives to accommodate a beginner and challenge the experienced student. Using humour, modified postures and adjustments, she encourages yoga practitioners that everyone who can breathe can do yoga, hence emphasising the breath and mindfulness in her classes.

Austeja has been fortunate to study Asthanga yoga with teachers such as David Swenson, Lino Miele & Saraswathi; Jivamukti yoga with Stewart Gilchrist and Vinyasa Flow with Rebecca Ffrench. Austeja is a certified Pregnancy Yoga teacher (Yogacampus, UK) and she has also been practicing Yoga Nidra with Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati, and is certified to teach this remarkable practice by Satyananda Yoga Center, UK.

For more information about Austeja please visit:


Natasha teaches Hatha Yoga on Mondays 1-2pm and Fridays 12-1pm.

Natasha has a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2002 and teaching at ULU since August 2004.  Natasha has been practicing yoga since 1998.  She has a sensitive approach to yoga, with emphasis on harmonising the body, breath, mind and spirit.  Adapting to individual needs in a safe and caring environment.   Having experienced the transformational power of yoga she has great enthusiasm to share this practice with others and experience the unfolding beauty of their own true nature.

?Natasha’s classes and workshops run from an intuitive basis depending on what the group needs, tapping into her wide range of experience to provide what is required. The sessions are a mixture of yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques and can be calm and gentle or upbeat and energising.  Natasha meditates on a daily basis and intertwines this important practice into her classes.



I believe that fitness gives you the energy and confidence to achieve all of your life goals. My passion is to help every person I work with to feel great inside and look great outside. Your body is an amazing gift, you will be surprised what you can do and how much you can improve when you focus.

I specialise in weight loss, muscle toning, core strength and body confidence. I have competed at International level Bikini Fitness Competition. I understand how to bring personal training, diet and lifestyle together to achieve optimal results.

Fitness is my life, I am ready to help you achieve your goals. Aga ,she is a Bikini Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer who loves inspire to others to reach their goals. A focus on muscle toning, core strength and body confidence, she loves to train hard and lead energetic classes. When she is training, you are going sweat, burn and smile, she makes fitness feel good !


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Swimsanity Instructor
  • Sports Nutrition Advice
  • Bikini Fitness Competitor




Chardét is a Brazilian-American personal trainer and group fitness instructor with five years of experience training clients around the world from Rio de Janeiro to New York and now London. She has trained in everything from capoeira to pilates but her training style is most influenced by her time in Brazil. She shares this Brazilian fitness lifestyle with her students - to relax, laugh and to enjoy exercise. Chardét's workouts are challenging but fun, sometimes silly and always welcoming. In additon to classes, she also leads online classes, workshops around London and fitness retreats abroad. Find out more about Chardét at



I am an enthusiastic and out-going, energetic person who has always loved fitness and exercise and enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds. My love and passion for fitness gave me the opportunity to train in Exercise to music; Indoor cycling; Aqua and Boxercise. I have been teaching part-time fitness since December 2013. I am experienced in organizing and running freestyle classes with a variety of exercises for promoting fitness, well-being, health and confidence, whilst having fun! As an extrovert I enjoy group activities and empowering people.



Tiffany is a lifelong dancer who was introduced to the Ashtanga style of yoga by a university dance professor. Decades later, she is still practicing, and a move to London gave her the opportunity to turn her interest into a career. She is certified as a children’s yoga teacher from Karma Kids Yoga in New York and YogaBugs in the UK. After several months teaching kids in nursery and primary schools, she embarked on the life-changing journey of studying with Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar and The Yoga People where she received her 200 hour teacher training certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga. She has since added Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teachings to her repertoire. Her classes are athletic and energetic while embracing the transformative nature of the yogic breath meditation.



Davide moved in London in 2012. The chaotic lifestyle of the city immediately had a huge impact on his life: for many reasons he stopped practising break-dance, discipline that motivated him for the past decade. The feeling of frustration derived from this decision found relief just after he got to try his first yoga class. Since then, he genuinely dedicated himself to the practice, experimenting and testing every style he came across.

His practice is based on the Progressive Ashtanga-Vinyasa aka Rocket System, as he appreciates the value of a no dogmatic approach to the yoga practice. He understands the psychology of newbies and always tries to remind that it is not about mastering a pose, but the journey itself.

Davide is inspired by the awesome David Swenson and the incredibly humble David Kyle. Among his other passions, Davide spaces from a nerdy love for the Japanese universe to traveling, good coffee, food, cycling and being upside down.