Most equipment does not require the assistance of a Student Central technician to operate. The equipment you require will be set-up in advance, in the room you specify. If you require technical assistance, we suggest you hire the services of a Student Central technician for the duration of your event.

Use of own equipment

This is strictly prohibited with the exception of laptops. If there is an item of equipment that you require which we cannot provide, we will arrange to hire this on your behalf. We require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice, and payment in advance for this service.

Final Charges

You will be charged at the time of request. Last requests must be made at least 7 days prior to the event.


Cancellations for technical equipment made with less than 5 working days’ notice will incur the full hire charge. For performances and parties, please see conditions of hire.

Hire Charges

Price stated is per item and does not include a technician unless specified.

          Larger –L183cm x W76cm 
          Smaller – L183cm x W46cm

  1. Standard blue conference chairs. – included in the price
  2. 2 types of conference tables: - included in the price
  3. Exam desk (W60cm x L60cm) £2.20 x VAT per exam desk per day.
  4. Data projector – included in the price
  5. Screen (in bigger rooms only) – included in the price
  6. Laptop (limited availability) - £53 x VAT
  7. Flipchart and pens – included in the price
  8. PA system and microphones – only in larger rooms, that can hold 90 people classroom style or minimum 150 theatre style. – included in the price
  9. Speakers – in every room – included in the price
  10. Lectern – (limited availability [only 2]) – included in the price
  11. Wi-Fi access – included in the price, password written down in every room.


Equipment Availability Price/Charges
Flipchart & pens In every room Included
Screen (for data projector) Only in larger rooms Included
Conference Tables In every room Included
Standard Blue Conference Chairs In every room Included
Exam Desk For exams only £2.20 x VAT per desk per day
Data projector (LAPTOP NOT INCLUDED) In every room Included
Laptop On request only – limited no £53 x VAT
PA System and microphones (Suitable for 80-300 delegates) In largest rooms only Included
Speakers In every room Included
Lectern In every room – limited no Included
Wi-Fi Access In every room Included


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