Booking Policy

Booking Policy and Conditions of Hire

  1. Making your booking

    You will be informed at the time of making a provisional booking how long it will be held for until you need to confirm.

    Written confirmation must be received from the client to confirm a booking. The client will then receive a confirmation email from the Conference Office. At this stage charges may apply.

  2. For meetings with less than 21 calendar days to the date of the event

    All details: room layout, numbers, equipment and catering requirements must be confirmed at the time of making the booking. You will be invoiced immediately and the payment must be received and cleared by Student Central 7 calendar days before the date of your event. Payments can be made by credit/debit card to ensure this happens, especially if there are less than 7 calendar days.

  3. For meetings with more than 21 calendar days to the date of the event

    All details: room layout, numbers, equipment and catering requirements must be confirmed 21 calendar days before the date of the event. The invoice will be raised 14 calendar days before the date of the event and the payment must be received and cleared by Student Central 7 calendar days before the date of your event.

  4. Room hire includes: furniture (tables/chairs excluding exam desks) within the room (to the capacities as indicated on the room hire list), the use of the fixed whiteboard and pens, a data projector and one flipchart. Any other equipment requested will be charged for. Room hire is exempt from VAT, however, VAT will be charged for additional equipment (which isn’t included in the list above) catering, technician or any other services provided.


  5. Prices & Conditions of hire

    Price increases or change to services, and conditions of hire may occur during the period from when you make your booking to the date of the event(s). If this happens, those changes will apply to your booking and we'll tell you beforehand.

  6. Payments

    The invoice for room, equipment and catering charges will be raised 14 calendar days in advance, and must be paid in full and cleared 7 calendar days before the date of your event. Failure to comply will result in your event being cancelled.


    At the time of your booking you will be informed if you need to pay a deposit. If you do the deposit invoice must be paid within the 7 days term as on the invoice. Failure to pay this will result in your booking being cancelled, and not being able to re-book.

  7. Cancellations

    Written confirmation must be received by the Conference Office to cancel a booking; if nothing is received the booking will remain confirmed and incur charges.

    The invoice will be raised 14 calendar days before the date of your event, and once the invoice has been raised the full amount of the invoice is payable.

    If you are required to pay a deposit it is non refundable so any cancellation(s) will incur the deposit amount.

  8. Student Central reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time without recompense if the Hirer fails to fulfil any of their obligations under this contract.


  9. In the event of Student Central being unable to carry out its obligations under this contract, Student Central’s liability to the Hirer shall be no more than the amount already paid to Student Central by the Hirer.


  10. Student Central reserves the right to substitute alternative accommodation of a similar standard at any time without prior notice. Events beyond the control of Student Central may occur that render Student Central unable to fulfil any or all of the requirements of a confirmed booking. Accordingly, Student Central may, at its absolute discretion, vary or amend activities extended to an event, and the Hirer agrees that no liability shall be attached to Student Central as a result.


  11. Student Central will not accept liability for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused by interruption in, or failure to provide services or facilities where such failure is due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to: war, strike, industrial dispute, flood, fire, external power failure, accident to premises or equipment, shortage of materials or labour.


  12. Strikes Student Central can not accept responsibility for being unable to fulfil a booking due to industrial action.


  13. Complaints. Complaints of any services provided for a meeting or an event must be made in writing within 14 days from the event date, otherwise no compensation can be considered.


  14. Advertising. Any advertising copy must be approved by the Conference Office prior to being placed, and requires permission from the General Manager. Advertising or promotion is prohibited until your event is confirmed (see Booking Procedures & Confirmations). This includes media promotions and distribution of posters or leaflets.


  15. Subletting. Subletting of rooms or facilities is not permitted.


  16. Injury, Loss or Damage. Student Central will not accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage to persons or property occurring in connection with the hire of rooms at Student Central except where any injury, loss, or damage is caused by the negligence of Student Central , its suppliers, or personnel. Organisers should ensure that they are indemnified by a UK insurer in respect of their liabilities to Student Central and their delegates.


  17. Student Central Property. No alteration may be made to electrical items or any other equipment supplied for a meeting. Clients may not move furniture to their room from any other part of the building. Loss or damage to Student Central will be charged to the organization, as will charges for cleaning rooms left unusually disordered.


  18. Posters, Signs and Decorations. No items can be affixed to the fabric of the building, on outside walls, trees, lampposts, street furniture or any other objects in the surrounding area. A charge will be made for any damage caused.


  19. Smoking is not permitted in any of the meeting rooms, corridors and lobby areas, INCLUDING THE UPPER HALL BALCONY. Smoking is permitted outside the Student Central building.


  20. Food and Drink may not be brought into Student Central for consumption or re-sale on the premises, unless agreed by the Conference Office.


  21. Technical Equipment may not be brought into Student Central for use during an event unless as agreed prior to the event with the Conference Office. If it is agreed that equipment may be bought in it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that everything is PAT tested. The client must prove to the Conference Centre staff that the equipment is PAT tested and failure to do so will mean that the equipment cannot be used.

    If you bring equipment in and it hasn’t been agreed with the Conference Office you be will not be permitted to use it and will have to pay to use Student Central equipment.

  22. Children. An adult must accompany children under the age of 14 at all times. Persons under the age of 18 must be under the responsibility of at least one adult who should be clearly identifiable and responsible for the actions of the person.


  23. Liquor License. Student Central is licensed to sell liquor in designated areas to 2300 Monday–Thursday, to 0100 on Friday and Saturday evenings and to 2230 on Sundays. For private parties, a supper license is available to midnight, Mondays to Saturdays, on condition that a substantial meal is provided for guests.


  24. Public Entertainment’s License. Student Central can operate a PEL from Sunday to Thursday to 2300 and to 0100 on Friday and Saturday evenings. The License covers venues on the 1st floor only. Full details and costing can be obtained from the Conference Office.


  25. Filming/ Video Taping. Permission to film or video events must be obtained in advance from the Conference Office. A facility charge of £150 will be made.


  26. Health and Safety. The hirer is responsible for maintaining proper order, and observing fire, safety and security regulations. Fire doors must be kept closed at all times, and not wedged open under any circumstances. Corridors, extinguishers and fire doors must be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
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