Booking Policy

Booking Policy and Conditions of Hire

  1. Introduction
    1. The University of London (hereafter called the University) aims to provide the best possible conference service. These terms and conditions are set out to enable the University to run the Hirer’s event effectively.
    2. The University lets the facilities at Senate House, Malet Street, LondonWC1E 7HU and Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DN on the terms detailed below. There shall be no variation of the terms of the contract unless expressly agreed in writing by all the parties.
  2. Booking procedure for hirers
    1. When making a booking the Hirer shall provide the Conference Office with full details of their requirements including layout, number of delegates, catering requirements and audio-visual requirements.
    2. The University will forward details of the booking (Booking Confirmation Sheet), an audio-visual checklist and a letter of confirmation to the Hirer within one week of receiving the booking request.
    3. The Hirer shall check that all details of the booking are correct and sign and return a copy of the Booking Confirmation Sheet and the audio-visual checklist (amended as necessary) together with the non-refundable deposit payment of 25% of the room hire charge.
    4. All requirements for the event must be confirmed no later than two weeks prior to the event date.
    5. The final number of delegates to be catered for must be confirmed with the Conference Office no later than four working days prior to the event. This is the number for which the Hirer will be invoiced.
  3. Notes
    1. All rates quoted are exclusive of value added tax which shall be added to the invoice where applicable.
    2. Only limited visitor parking facilities are available. The University will only provide the vehicle access and parking agreed with the Hirer in writing.
    3. Signage is at the discretion of the University. The Hirer shall be liable for the costs of any repair or replacement attributable to damage caused by the placing and removal of unauthorised signs.
    4. No Blu-tac or sticky tape is to be used in any function room or area.
    5. The University may (at the Hirer’s expense and as the University sees fit) remove and dispose of anything left in the function room by the Hirer or their delegates after the function has concluded.
    6. The use by the Hirer of any promotional material relating to the venue or the University shall be subject to the University’s prior approval as to both content and form.
    7. The final invoice must be settled within 30 days of issue. Queries should be addressed to the University in writing within 14 days of receipt.
    8. A non-refundable deposit payment of 25% of the room hire rate is required to confirm a booking.
  4. Cancellation charges
    1. The cancellation charges for function room bookings are as follows:
      • Cancellation occurring in the period up to 90 days prior to the event – 255 of room hire rate.
      • Cancellation occurring in the period between 89-30 days prior to the event – 50% of room hire rate and anticipated catering income.
      • Cancellation occurring 29 days or less prior to the event – 100% of room hire and anticipated catering income
    2. The Conference Office of University must be advised in writing of any cancellation of a booking by the hirer.
  5. The University’s obligations
    1. The University shall not accept liability for any cost, inconvenience, loss or damage caused by any interruption in or failure to provide services or facilities where such failure is due to circumstances beyond the University’s control, includingbut not limited to: war, strike, industrial dispute; flood; flood; fire; accident to any premises or equipment; shortage of materials or labour.
    2. In the event University being unable to carry out its obligations under this contract, the University’s liability to the Hirer shall be more than the amount already paid to the University by the Hirer.
    3. The University reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if:
      • The Hirer becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership;
      • The Hirer is more than 30 days in arrears with payment to the University for previous services;
      • The event might, in the opinion of the University, prejudice the reputation of the University;
      • Any person or group using the facilities in connection with the event breaches or fails to observe the rules and procedures of the University.
    4. The University reserves the right to substitute alternative accommodation of a similar standard at any time without prior notice.
    5. The University will not accept liability for any loss or damage to the Hirer’s equipment while on the premises, unless as a direct result of negligence on the part of the University or its employees.
    6. The University does not accept responsibility for the property and personal possessions of any groups or individuals using the conference facilities.
    7. The University reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time without recompense if the Hirer fails to fulfil any of their obligations under this contract.
    8. The benefit of the contract is personal to the Hirer and is not assignable or capable of being sub-hired.
  6. The hirer’s obligations
    1. The Hirer agrees to use the premises in an orderly manner, and to take all possible steps to ensure that the persons invited onto the premises by the Hirer adhere to all the requirements, regulations and other relevant rules of the University at all times.
    2. The Hirer will provide the University will full and comprehensive details of the event including its purpose and details of those attending.
    3. The Hirer will take all possible precautions not to injure any person within the venue or damage any property belonging to the University, its employees or contractors. The Hirer, by entering into a written contract, indemnifies the University against any claims for damage caused by his or her use of the premises.
    4. The Hirer will not bring any food or drink into the venue for consumption on the premises and will not allow any delegates or guests to bring their own food or drink into the venue. The hirer will use the University’s contracted caterer unless agreed prior to the event by the Event Manager. For environmental health reasons no food or drink is to be removed from the premises.
    5. The hirer will not bring onto the premises any animals or any substance or article which is hazardous, illegal or likely to be a nuisance to other users of the building.
    6. The Hirer will not affix any logo, notice, signage, emblem, or other item to any part of the premises other than with the prior permission of the University.
    7. The Hirer is responsible for all University equipment used on the day. The Hirer will recompense the University for any Damage to or theft of University equipment while it is in their care.
    8. The hirer will ensure that the function rooms and all ancillary areas are maintained in a clean and tidy condition, free of litter, for the duration of the event and remain in such a condition upon its conclusion.
    9. Permission in writing must be obtained from the University for any press, television or radio coverage of the event.
    10. Emergency procedures including fire escape routes are displayed throughout the venue. Fire exits and evacuation routes must not be obstructed. The Hirer is ensure that all persons attending their event are made aware of the University’s emergency procedures when the event commences.
    11. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Senate House, Steward House, Student Central, Garden Halls, International Halls and Connaught Hall and the Hirer must ensure that all persons attending their event observe this rule.
    12. The Hirer must effect and main Public Liability Insurance, with a minimum indemnity of ten million pounds, which will indemnify the Hirer and the Hirer’s contractors against any claims, costs, proceedings, charges and expenses incurred, as a result of actions of the hirer and or sub-contractors, in respect of any injury to any person of loss of or damage to property, which occurs while the Hirer, its employees, guests or contractors, are on or about the premises of the University. The Hirer shall at the time of confirmation produce to the University a copy of their policy of insurance together with evidence of the payment of the current premium.
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