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Student Central room booking policy


There is a clear policy in place regarding booking rooms at Student Central. Inquiries should be directed to the Student Central conference team for meeting rooms and the Energybase staff for pool and gym spaces.


Please note:

1.1st Priority will be given to annual repeat bookings

2.For new bookings made before October 1st the following priorities will be made:

a.University of London

b.Member Institutions and their respective Student Unions

c.Organisations aligned to the University’s charitable objects

d.External organisations

3.Bookings after Oct 1st – first come first served

4.Bookings will carry four pricing tiers linked to the above priorities and will be set competitively according to market rates.

5.Individual day passes or other membership packages to Energybase will normally be necessary in addition to subscription fees, when a club makes use of Energybase’s facilities.