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For the academic year 2020/21, the University is undertaking a review of the governance and operation of student clubs and societies currently hosted by the University of London. A Review Group, which represents the range of stakeholders including students present and past, has been convened to consider potential options for the UoL Clubs and Societies going forward. The outcomes of the review will be presented to the heads of Member Institutions for decision at the Collegiate Council meeting in December 2020.

The Review Group is supported by a working party including four student representatives (Joe Barlow, David McBay, Onikeo Lawrence, Sade Bates), with David sitting on the Review Group too. All the student representatives will continue to listen and raise questions and queries from the student body with the working group.

Autumn Term

  • The operations of the clubs and societies are to be suspended until the review is complete. It is acknowledged that some virtual activity may take place but must be limited to existing members until Collegiate Council has decided on the future of the Student Clubs and Societies.
  • Only existing self-raised funds can be used to support virtual activities and there will be no retrospective funding of activities.
  • Promotional activity and new memberships are paused until the Collegiate Council have made a decision.
  • No new memberships of Student Clubs and Societies may be processed.

Updates will be provided in due course as proposals for the future are agreed.

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