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Recycling at Student Central

As part of our ongoing Environmental and Ethical Policy committment, Student Central has many ways to recycle rubbish and uwanted goods. Read our 'Rubbish FAQs' to find out more about why you should recycle.

Plastic, Cans, Card Paper & Food Waste

Two types of recycling bin can be found around the Student Central Building. Dark grey bins are to be used for items of food contaminated general waste and food wrappers.

Green lidded bins are to be used for dry, recyclable materials including cans, plastics, paper and card. 

Items removed from the green bins are recovered and streamed at an off-site facility. The system has been chosen for its user-friendliness at point of use and avoids the requirement for multi-bin streaming at source.


Batteries & Mobile Phones:

Batteries and mobile phones can be Recycled using the red box near the reception area.  

Shoes & Clothing:

Clothing can be recycled in the Oxfam bin around the suide of the building situated off Byng Place.