Energybase's pool is the largest in central London, measuring 33.3 m x 11.5 m and has a maximum depth of 3.40 m.

The pool was built in 1952 and still has the Royal Box (located on the ground floor by Lunchbox Café) that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother would use when watching the many swimming galas run here. Also for all you music fans, The Beatles, yes those legends of pop, even used our pool for a photo shoot!

The pool is always divided into four lanes set at different speeds. We have floats and pull buoys available for members' use, just ask one of our RLSS qualified lifeguards for assistance and they will point you in the right direction.

Swimming Pool Hygiene

We have a very good quality of water, which is regularly assessed by an external company.
To enable us to maintain the water quality we ask that our bathers follow some basic rules:

  • Always shower before entering the pool - it has been proven that just rinsing under a shower removes body sweat, deodorants and many other pollutants to significantly improve the water quality.
  • Tie long hair back or use a swimming hat - this is not only to prevent loose hair getting in the pool but a safety problem, hair can easily wrap itself round you or get in your mouth whist swimming.
  • Wear proper swimming attire - wearing everyday clothes bring pollutants into the pool and again can cause problems with safety as it absorbs a lot more water causing it to become heavy.

We also run National Pool Lifeguard Qualification courses every couple of months. For more information please see NPLQ webpage. 

As seen on the Time Out London blog